“NEGATIVE CREDIT” Can Be Removed Permanently!

Learn How To Legally Force Experian, TransUnion & Equifax To Remove All Of Your Negative Credit Items From Your Credit Report.

The “ONLY” Credit Dispute Letter Package Based on Federal Appellant Court Judges Rulings

By Using This Credit Dispute Letter to Remove ALL Your Negative Credit You’ll Save Hundreds of Dollars A Month For The Rest Of Your Life!

negative_credit   There is a Legal way to dispute negative credit items that credit bureaus are reporting on your credit report that forces all 3 credit bureaus to remove every “negative credit” item permanently from your credit report. This also includes credit items that are accurate and legitimate such as Foreclosures, Bankruptcy, Judgments, Auto Repos, Late-Payments, Charge-Offs and Accounts in Collection.

Removes All Negative Credit

There is only one way to get legitimate negative credit items removed from your credit report and it is backed up by Federal Law that forces credit bureaus to remove items that have not been verified.  The Federal law that allows negative credit items to be removed is known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) 15 U.S.C. 1681 which is quite often referred to on various Internet web sites as Section 609.

Can Negative Credit Really Get Removed

Without Paying Off The Creditor?

If you ask people who work for the Credit Bureaus, Banks, mortgage companies and so-called credit repair experts they all will all tell you that ONLY “inaccurate” credit items can be removed from your credit report. They’ll tell you with a straight face that “accurate” items cannot be removed.

According to people who work in the credit or lending industries it will take you between 7-10 years before “accurate” credit items can be removed and they’ll even tell you that trying to remove accurate items is against the law.

Well we’re here to tell you that the real truth is quite the opposite to what the credit and lending industries will tell you and you can find it for your self on page 37 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Why Isn’t This Common Knowledge?

This  Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) states “ … that a consumer reporting agency is NOT required to remove accurate derogatory information from the file of a consumer, UNLESS the information is outdated or if it CANNOT BE VERIFIED”.

There are a handful of Appellant Court cases that have interpreted this for us and that have ruled that credit bureaus can’t just parrot the words of the creditor “the item has been verified“.  The credit bureaus are supposed to do their own re-investigation in their own files to verify the accuracy of the disputed account.

Credit Bureaus DON’T want you to know about this kind of credit report dispute process!

Credit Bureaus don’t have a copy of your credit application or any other documents concerning any of your accounts in their credit files therefore when you request a copy of the documents they used to verify the disputed account they can’t produce it.  When you request it from them in writing and they can not produce it the account is classified as “UNVERIFIED” and the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires the credit bureau to DELETE all unverified accounts.

“Credit Bureaus Don’t Have The ‘Verifiable Proof’ Required by Law That Allows Them to Report Negative Credit on Your Credit Report so the Law Requires them to Remove each Negative Credit Item that You Dispute.”

Unfortunately, the Credit Bureaus DO NOT comply with the law unless they are FORCED to do so.

“Negative Credit” Hurts You!

Has Negative Credit Stopped You From …Buying a home, Buying a car, Getting a Job or a Promotion, Getting a low interest loan, Getting a credit card?

It Won’t Any More … You’ll Never Be Denied Again

If You learn how to properly dispute credit reports YOU can get any type of item removed no matter how bad, how many there are or how recent the negative credit item is. Every single item will get removed including …

Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Judgments, Late Payments,

Charge-Offs, Repos, and Collections.

All of these negative credit items will be GONE permanently! Once REMOVED these Items Can Not Be Put Back On Your Report. The LAW also states that once these items are removed or changed they can not be re-reported without the Credit Bureau getting a fine of $1,000 per item for reporting information when the Credit Reporting Agency knows they do not have verifiable documentation … It’s the law.

Unverified Accounts

Costs YOU Thousands Of Dollars A Year!

Negative Credit increases your car & homeowners insurance costs. It increases your mortgage interest rates and your monthly mortgage payments by hundreds of dollars a month. Negative Credit increases the interest rates you pay on all of your credit cards. Your car payments could end up being $100-$400 / month more when you have a low credit score. Many people cannot maintain their required security clearance or a professional license if their credit score is low which means they lose their means to earn a living. A bad credit score may also prevent you from getting a job promotion or even from getting hired in the first place.

You can have all of your “Unverified Accounts” removed. Every Single “Negative” item removed and here’s the EXCITING NEWS! There is a Credit Dispute Letter Package available to consumers who want to take advantage of section 609 provision of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  It’s called the Section 609 Credit Dispute Letter Package.

Benefits of Getting All of Your Negative Credit Accounts Removed

Once all of your unverified accounts or items have been removed from your credit reports for you then you can STOP having to pay HIGH INTEREST RATES for car loans, mortgages and credit cards. NEVER get turned down for a loan or credit card again for having negative credit.

Get The Facts … Request a “FREE GUIDE” titled: “How To Get All Bad Credit Removed From Your Credit Report”. This free guide will also show you how you can get this done for you for free …

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negative credit

IMPORTANT: Once all of your negative credit items are removed the average family will SAVE over $500 a month on all of their monthly payment obligations. Some families in NY and CA save more than $2,000 a month in lower car and mortgage payments alone once all of their negative credit items are removed. Get all of your Negative Credit removed today!

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