This Site Will Soon Be Your #1 Source of Tools & Resources To Guide You Through The Process of Eliminating All of Your Debt Without Having To File Bankruptcy!

You’ll Soon Have Access to Such Things as:

Letters successfully used by Consumers, just like yourself, to STOP Debt Collector Harassment and to get Debt Charged-Off without getting sued.
Copies of actual pleadings (documents) successfully used by Consumers to get lawsuits dismissed.
Copies of actual pleadings successfully used by Consumers to get Judgments dismissed.
Templates for filing Court pleadings complete with Court Rules for each State.
Up-to-Date Case Law with explanations on how you can use it to help you get debt collectors to pay you instead of you having to pay them.
Also, up-to-date case law with explanations on how our top research staff see other people in debt using it to help win lawsuits, overturn judgments and/or restore your credit.
We also purchase and review all of the various “Debt Elimination” programs and debt related discussion boards found on the Internet and find out if they work or tell you why we believe they are a waste of time and money.
We originally started collecting these resources in 2003 for a small select group of individuals but now we are going to make all of our “Life Changing” resources available to YOU! We estimate that it will take us approximately 60 days to upload all of the documents and templates that we have for you. Once that big job is completed we will be consistently adding new and up-to-date tools and resources to the site weekly.
When a “NEW BREAK THROUGH DECISION OR STRATEGY” is discovered by our staff we will let you know IMMEDIATELY what it is and how we think it will benefit you. Once we have most of the tools and resources that you told us you need “RIGHT NOW” uploaded we will be ready to launch the site. It will be a “Members Only” site. Full of PROVEN tools & resources that have helped people like you clear their debt & restore their credit. Once we launch we will be, without a doubt, the NUMBER ONE source of resources and support for Do-It-Yourself Consumers facing overwhelming debt related problems.

We Need Your Help!

To HELP US know what material we should upload to this site FIRST we would like you to tell us what materials would best help you resolve problems that you have right now concerning debt collectors, lawsuits, judgments or credit restoration. By you telling us what your immediate priorities are it will help us determine the priority of documents we should be uploading to the site.
As a reward for your input, you will receive a 30-day FREE “PAID” MEMBERSHIP to the site once it is ready to be launched. You will NOT have to pay anything to get the benefits of a “PAID” member for the first 30 days. In other words, you will be able to get your hands on each and every “Proven” tool and resource that will enable you to clear away all of your unsecured debt without having to file bankruptcy.

Send Us An Email to: Support@DebtEliminationTools.com

Tell us what kind of help you need, help dealing with debt collectors, help dealing with a law suit, help with restoring your credit — tell us what you need and we’ll give you access to it. Also, we suggest that you Book Mark This Site and Stay Tuned! Once we are ready to launch the membership site we will email you the information you will need to get your 30-DAY FREE ACCESS to all of our tools and resources.

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